Why Gear Pumps?

Two Intermeshing Gears On Precision Gear Pump

What is a Gear Pump/Positive Displacement Pump/Spin Pump?

A Gear Pump, also called a positive displacement pump, or a spin pump, consists of two inter-meshing gears within a metal housing. These gears rotate within the spin pump housing creating pressure that pushes the fluid through the pump, a process commonly referred to as positive displacement. The pumped product fills the space between the gear teeth and the spin pump housing and moves around the gear, much like a waterwheel. The size of the gear teeth and the speed at which they rotate determines the quantity of product metered and pumped.  This process allows for highly accurate and measured amounts of fluid to be metered and transferred, commonly known as “positive displacement metering”.  Mahr Precision Gear Pumps maintain their high wear resistance and absolute dimensional stability, even under extremes of temperatures, pressures and viscosities.

4 main reasons for using a Positive Displacement Pump:

1. Precise control of the volumetric output of the fluid
2. Consistently generates pulseless, accurate and sustained high pressures
3. The ability to pump extremely thick products with viscosities up to 500,000 cP (more in certain cases)
4. Reduction of product shearing during the pumping process

Why Positive Displacement Pumps over other types of Pumps?

There are several advantages of positive displacement pumps over other types of pumps such as piston pumps, progressive cavity (screw pumps), or peristaltic pumps:
1. Positive displacement pumps are constructed of alloy metal allowing for higher operating temperatures; longer pump life, and handling a broader range of abrasive or corrosive raw materials.
2. Positive displacement pumps have tighter pumping tolerances, measured in microns, resulting in greater accuracy in continuous pulseless stream dispensing or shot dosing.
3. Positive displacement pumps have a sustained linear flow during changes in operating speeds pressures, and temperatures.

Stainless Steel Spin Pump

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