Field Services and In-House Repairs

Expert Guidance Meets Comprehensive Training

How Our Technical Experts Can Help

At Mahr Metering Systems we understand that manufacturing technology and your manufacturing processes are constantly changing. Our team of technical experts can advise you on the latest advancements to improve the efficiency of your manufacturing processes.

  • Provide equipment recommendations
  • Supply pumps, parts, or full turn key system
  • Provide mechanical schematics
  • Provide manuals
  • Customize equipment to your applications
  • Coordinate the final installation
  • Provide plant layouts and drawings
  • Conduct field training

Our Servicing Process

Your gear metering pumps are fully inspected and evaluated, giving you a complete visual and written report of its condition and required repairs. Upon approval, your metering pumps are rebuilt to the manufacturer’s original specifications that carry the same warranty as a brand new pump. Mahr also evaluates the cause(s) of your gear pump failure and makes recommendations to maximize your production up time. We can make appropriate modifications to your gear pumps to keep pace with the ever changing production process. Whether the gear pump failure was due to lubrication, corrosion, foreign particles or abrasive issues, Mahr can provide a solution.

Localized Service. Exceptional Results.

Mahr's field services and in-house repairs increase efficiency

Our facility, located in Charlotte, NC, offers full service repair facility services including

  • Rebuilding and repairing precision gear metering pumps from any manufacture
  • Precision metering gear pump repair
  • Pump system rebuilding and upgrading
  • A broad array of parts sales
  • On or off-site training of your personnel
  • Preventative maintenance services
  • Burn out
  • Glass bead blasting
  • Surface grinding
  • Parts measurement
  • Ultrasonic cleaning
  • Rebuild

Comprehensive On-Site Training

Mahr also provides comprehensive on-site training for both your production employees and management team on your customized Mahr equipment. This allows a greater understanding of how the product fits into your workflow and how to best utilize our precision-designed equipment. We can also provide ongoing training as processes and personnel change, as well as provide you with the necessary literature, manuals, kits, and classroom materials unique to your workflow, application, and equipment.

Are you ready to speak to a technical expert from Mahr Metering who can expertly guide you through how we can help?