Super Precision Gear Pumps

Designed for Demanding Applications and Dimensional Stability

Superior Precision Positive Displacement Pumps

Every Mahr Metering Systems gear pump is designed for all types of demanding applications. Our fully-customizable Mahr Precision Metering Pumps maintain their high wear resistance and absolute dimensional stability, even under extremes of temperatures, pressures, and viscosities. Metering accuracy within +/- 1% by volume. To save time and money, Mahr designs and builds individual platens to pump directly from your supplier’s viscous material barrel or tote. An in-line Mahr positive displacement pump measures product precisely as it is forced upwards into the mixing and dispensing equipment, ensuring that product ratios are accurate from the beginning of the process, and without pulsing.

Our durable, German Engineered gear pumps can be used to create fully customizable solutions to meet virtually any need. Speak with one of our technical experts to create your perfect solution!