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What makes our products the industry standard

What type of metering systems does Mahr manufacture?

Mahr Metering Systems offers several types of systems to suit any meter/ mix/ dispense application.
Mahr’s standard MarMix™ meter/ mix/ dispensing unit can be customized using components from Mahr IntegrationEASE™ automated pumping solutions:

  • Multi-Component (or plural) Systems
  • Low Viscosity Systems
  • High Viscosity Systems
  • Filling/Injecting Systems
  • Extrusion Systems
  • Spray & Coating Systems
  • Powder/ Liquid Mixing Systems
  • Lab and R&D Units
Are Mahr pumps suitable for spraying and coating?

MarCoat™ pumps are perfect for integrating into robotics, providing pulseless, precisely-metered flow, integrating quick-flush & compact valves and nozzles that seamlessly integrate atomization at the dispensing point of the unit.

Does Mahr offer a pump for Extrusion Discharge?

High temperature and high pressure processing of plastics and polymers are metered with ease. Mahr’s PolyMar™ line is used for vacuum reactor discharge, and Mahr’s MarEx™ is perfect for inline transfer, metering and pressure stabilization.

Does Mahr build equipment for a hazard-classified area?

Yes. Many of the machines Mahr builds are for hazard-classified areas.

How do Mahr pumps hand hazardous and toxic chemicals?

MarMag™ pumps are designed with magnetically coupled drives (can be rated for Class 1 Div1 / Div2 or ATEX). Absolute no leak requirements in toxic handling or explosion prevention.

Does Mahr offer Lab and R&D units?

Absolutely. Any of Mahr’s custom dispensing equipment can be scaled up or down, able to reproduce lab results on the factory floor. Mahr offers compact units for trial and testing with full scale-ability, and broad flow versatility. With ease of recipe programming and precise replicating, trials for cosmetics, perfumes, food and resin compounding are developed quickly and safely with minimum waste.

Can you send me a pump flow curve for one of Mahr’s pumps?

Mahr pumps do not technically have a curve, because they are linear flow, so there is no pump flow curve.

Can Mahr pumps handle low viscosity products?

Yes. MarSpin™ submersible drum pumps meter low viscosity products from 1- 50,000 cP. Low viscosity metering and pumping is not limited to drum pumps. Many of our pumps are suitable for pumping and metering products with low viscosity. Outlet pressure may be limited. Some modification may be necessary.

Can Mahr pumps handle high viscosity products?

Yes. Our MarFlow™ line is used for products with a viscosity of 50,000 to 2,500,000 cP. High-viscosity platen-based drum pumps are mounted to a pressurized platen. High viscosity metering and pumping is not limited to drum pumps – most Mahr pumps are suitable for high viscosity products provided that the inlet pressure and flow are sufficient. Some modification may be necessary.

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