Cannabis Processing & Dispensing

Mahr Metering Systems offers a wide array of pumps for dispensing botanical, cannabis, and hemp distillate. 

Mahr Metering pumps are the optimal choice for dispensing botanical, cannabis, and hemp distillate. Our gear pumps are often copied, but never duplicated. They are expertly engineered and manufactured in medical grade 440b stainless steel to the highest standards in our German factory. However, you can rest assured knowing our US location in Charlotte, NC stands ready to fully support you for replacement parts and technical advice.


Botanical Oil Processing

Mahr Metering Systems has decades of experience creating custom equipment designed for the extraction and refinement of high-quality oils from botanicals.

Mahr - Medical-and-Pharmaceutical-Processing

Medical/Pharmaceutical Processing

Our equipment makes the process of blending, granulation, milling and coating, tablet pressing, and filling efficient for medical and pharmaceutical processing.


Cannabis Processing

From oil to edibles, the cannabis industry is budding. Our equipment engineered for precision can be customized to fulfill all of your cannabis processing needs.  

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The high-quality output of botanical oil, pharmaceutical, and hemp distillates requires high-quality manufacturing technology with precision engineering. Mahr Metering Systems is proud to partner with producers in the marijuana, hemp, and botanical industries to help them increase efficiency, maximize output, minimize downtime, produce high-quality products, and increase profit. 

Mahr Metering products were designed for precision and accuracy. Browse a few of the products we’ve customized for our Hemp and Pharmaceutical partners. We offer stand-alone pumps and pumps mounted on a baseplate, fully assembled with couplings and gear motor. Multiple fittings and adapters are readily available for you to drop into your existing equipment.


MarSpin™ Gear Metering Pump

This gear metering pump from the Mahr Metering Systems MarSpin™ line is shown here with integrated gear motor assembly and is perfect for high viscosity, high pressure, and high accuracy applications. The minimal wear parts make for an economical choice in applications. Flow rate 1 ml/min- 1.2 l/min. Follow the link below for specifications on this pump and to determine if this pump is right for you. 


MarFin™ Gear Metering Pump

Featured here with stepper motor assembly and controller. Originally designed to meter finish oils in the synthetic textile industry. This unit is being used to fill bottles with CBD distillate.  The pump has multiple outlets to fill several bottles at once. Optional compact drive assembly works well in research and development settings. Available as a single outlet gear pump or as a multiple outlet gear pump (up to 24 outlets).


DosiMar™ Gear Metering Pump

The Mahr Metering Systems DosiMar Gear Metering Pump is featured here with a dual gear pump and motor assemblies mounted on a shared base plate. The threaded inlet and outlet fittings of this metering pump allow for economical and quick change out of the DosiMar pumps for cleaning and capacity changes. Pulseless high precision measured flow for fluid viscosities up to 60,000 cP. Flow rate 0.2ml/min – 8 l/min.

Mahr Metering systems

Where Precision Engineering Meets Cannabis Dispensing


Do you need the experts at Mahr Metering Systems to create a customized solution for your dispensing botanical, cannabis, or hemp distillate needs? Fill out the form to the right to tell us about your application and we’ll provide you with a quote on a customized system. 


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Connecting Distillate Manufacturers With Precision Engineering

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Since 1861, we’ve upheld the highest industry standards in engineering products for a broad range of manufacturing industries. Count on us to ensure you have access to the latest in cutting-edge technology to meet your unique processing, dispensing, and filling needs. 


“We purchased a Chinese wiped-film evaporator, which included gear pumps for feed & discharge.  The pumps were terrible quality, frequently ceasing, and were extremely difficult to disassemble and clean.  On our first Mahr pump, we could see the difference!  The pump works flawlessly, not stressing the motor either – just smooth spinning and pumping of liquid.  We got the DLC finish and already have seen longer lifespans from Mahr’s pumps.  Oh, and they are half of the cost of the Chinese pumps!  Thanks for everything, Mahr!”

Brad G., BGWJ, Inc.

“We were introduced to MAHR in Germany via a chemical supplier who recommended their technology.   Having purchased several systems from the Charlotte location, we can highly recommend the company.  Top-quality with full customization available.  This is now our preferred supplier for pumps and metering.”

Marc E., ETC-Innovations