Custom Mixing and Dispensing Equipment

Designed Specifically With You in Mind

Custom Solutions
Engineered to Last

Mahr engineers work diligently and expertly with our customers to provide custom solutions. Our meter mix equipment and dispensing systems can be ultra-customized from simple capacity changes to complex manufacturing retrofits. Through our customized and innovative manufacturing solutions, we are able to lower product waste and increase productivity for our clients across multiple industries.
We offer six or more component meter mix machine that are configured to meet any product handling requirements including: heating, chilling, desiccation, nitrogen purging, powder blending, class 1 div 1 areas. Custom machines for any application. Unique configurations meet your manufacturing process needs.
For process control, Mahr meter mix dispense equipment can be custom built with any of the following features, and more:

  • Low level material sensors
  • Material agitators
  • Vacuum degassing

  • Heated tanks, hose assemblies, and valves

  • Recirculation systems
  • Material flow monitoring with data collection
  • Off-ratio alarms and automatic shut-down

Why Choose Mahr to Customize Your Equipment?


Cheaper options such as viscous batch mixing or resonant acoustic mixing are always available for general product mixing, but if your process requires any degree of accurate component blending, then a true metering and mixing system is the only real option.


While most meter-mix-dispense equipment consists of standard “off-the-shelf” machines requiring costly integration time and equipment, Mahr Metering Systems builds each system specific to your exact process needs. This gives you the flexibility to make future upgrades that will economically and seamlessly integrate with your original equipment.


Mahr’s single and multi- (or “plural-“) component metering, mixing and dispensing systems are customized to each specific requirement. Integrated, user-friendly, pre-programmable touchscreen user interface (or “controller”) allows multiple dispensing recipes to be stored, locked, unlocked, interchanged, and changed on demand. Within each recipe, automatic purge modes and variable flow rates are easily programmed.

Our durable, German Engineered products can be used to create fully customizable solutions to meet virtually any need. Speak with one of our technical experts to create your perfect solution!