Process Solutions


For process control, Mahr meter mix dispense equipment can be custom built with any of the following features, and more:

  • Low level material sensors
  • Material agitators
  • Vacuum degassing
  • Heated tanks, hose assemblies, and valves
  • Re-circulation systems
  • Material flow monitoring with data collection
  • Off-ratio alarms and automatic shut-down

Multi-component mixed viscosity meter/mix with materials that have differing handling needs:

Meter mix systems are available when many different recipes are needed to meet process changes. Day tanks provide the ability to operate continuously, around the clock, while also allowing chemistry recipes to be changed on demand.


High Volume, Grid melt, Quick clean Meter-mix:

Many products are solid at room temperature. A grid melter can be incorporated into the tank to maintain a constant melt viscosity. The product operates in re-circulation after heating. Once the process is balanced, the melted product will be dispensed to the mix head where it will be mixed on ratio with the part “B” catalyst. Temperature control is stabilized through the mix head in order to prevent an exothermic reaction.


Liquid/Powder Meter Mix Dispense Equipment:

Equipment for liquid/ powder on-demand mixing  can be created for factory or sanitary conditions and include an auto-purge function to perform a quick clean in 30 minutes or as needed. Mahr liquid powder mixing equipment maintains a ratio within a (+/-) 2% accuracy, then de-gasses the mix.  When blending liquids and powders, creating a homogeneous mixture can be a bit of a challenge, so Mahr has introduced its new low shear, static / dynamic mixing system.  While it is Mahr’s continuous effort to incorporate disposable static mixing, some powders such as colors require a more aggressive mixing method.  Mahr utilizes the most up to date electrical components with custom programming to fit the exact application needs of each individual process.


Products ranging 50,000 cP (centipoise) and below – low viscosity:

  • Multi-part LV (low viscosity) (55 or 5) gallon meter mix systems
  • With lower viscosity products, it is more cost effective to use submersible metering pumps. Platens are not necessary in these systems.

Products of 50,000 – 1.5 million cP (centipoise) – high viscosity:

Multi-part HV (high viscosity) (55 or 5) gallon drum meter mix systems. Many products are very high in viscosity and/or solid at room temperature. The Mahr HV drum meter mix system has a patented-design precision gear pump that allows it to force feed the pump and meter each product at a (+/-) 1% accuracy.  Heated platens melt products on an as-needed basis for products that are solid at room temperature.


Multi-stream shot dispense:

Meter mix dispense equipment with integrated photo eye can be programmed for shot dispense by rate, volume or weight. Systems can be configured to have as many streams and dispense heads needed to meet process requirements.


Extrusion Film processing:

New technology film processing requires precision extrusion injection. The Mahr injection metering pump provides pulseless injection into the high-pressure section of an extruder or directly to the die head. This allows the end user flexibility to customize production, changing colors or mixing ratios on demand.


Laboratory and R&D

Mahr Metering Systems understands that your manufacturing processes are constantly evolving. Your R&D testing equipment must keep pace with tomorrow’s technology. Mahr Metering Systems has been providing advanced R&D Prototyping Systems since 1992, many of which are still in use today. The MinMax™ MahrDrive™ Pump Skid Prototype System can replicate your complete manufacturing process.

MinMax™ MahrDrive™ Pump Skid Prototype Systems use a touch screen interface for easy input, recall and editing of formulations.  Systems provide a detailed log of each test shot with complete test certification of mix ratios and material handling conditions.  Systems are built using Mahr’s German manufactured precision gear pumps with accuracy levels of +/-1%.  Process highly corrosive or abrasive compounds, liquids with high solids content, powder introduction into the liquid stream, as well as very low or very high shear mixing.

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