DosiMar™ Gear Metering Pump

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Excellent continuous and shot dispensing, high reliability, suitable for a variety of applications.



DosiMar precision metering pumps with the threaded inlet and outlet fittings eliminate the need for additional mounting hardware. This allows for economical and quick change out of the DosiMar pumps for cleaning and capacity changes.

Technical Specifications

# Streams: 1
Max Temperature: 180C/350F
Max Pressure: 1400psi
Max Viscosity: 60,000 cP
Capacity (per stream): 0.02-100 ml/rev
Speed: 10-80 rpm
Flow Rate (per stream): 0.2-8000 ml/min
Applications: Silicones,Lotions,Pigments,Creams,Flavorings,Honey,Jelly,Epoxies,Polyurethanes


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