GP 18

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Mahr mixing heads are built using the latest manufacturing methods and quality standards. Mahr supplies standard and special purpose mix head models for static-dynamic mixing – also available with spray conversion kit. Mahr‘s knowledge, gained through many years´ experience in the field of mixing technology has resulted in the availability of many different types of mixers.

  • 3 material ports for casting and 1 flushing port
  • spray conversion kit available
  • pneumatically controlled material valves
  • long recirculation available
  • air motor, electric motor or hydraulic motor drive
  • handle with electric push button
  • automatic flushing valve



  • Unparalleled metering accuracy
  • Constant, pulsation-free flow
  • Adjustable flow rate via variable-speed drive
  • Critical tolerances for minimum slippage
  • Excellent stability at high temperatures and pressures
  • Superior reliability
  • Materials of construction selected to match process

Common Uses: Silicones, Lotions, Pigments, Creams, Flavorings, Honey, Epoxies, Jelly, Polyurethanes

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