MarChem™ Gear Metering Pump

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Economical pump for low viscosity. Multi-pump single drive option for quick change ability.

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MarChen RV Pumps

Pump Specs
APPLICATION: Pumping and metering of various liquids
PORTS – Inlet: 9.7 mm (0.382”) diameter
PORTS – Outlet: 5.5 mm (0.216”) diameter
OUTLET PRESSURE: Up to 70 bar (1000 psig)
DIFFERENTIAL PRESSURE: Up to 60 bar (870 psig)
RECOMMENDED SPEED: 10-60 rpm (for 10-100 poise viscosity liquid)
ROTATION DIRECTION: Counterclockwise (viewed at drive side)
OPERATING TEMP: Up to 120C (250F)
TORQUE FOR BOLTS: Seal screws (M5x0.8): 8 Nm
Binder screws (M6x1): 12-13 Nm
Pump Prices
TC1323 Pump 0,16 cc/rev 1.6-9.6 ml/min $1,074.00
TC1259 Pump 0,297 cc/rev 3-18 ml/min $1,090.00
TC1256 Pump 0,584 cc/rev 5.8-35 ml/min $1,112.00
TC1247 Pump 1,168 cc/rev 12-70 ml/min $1,134.00
TC1279 Pump 1,752 cc/rev 18-110 ml/min $1,194.00
TC1312 Pump 2,92 cc/rev 29-180 ml/min $1,250.00


Gear motor assembly sold separate. Call for pricing.



MarChem thin viscosity pumps with a single-stream design are and economical choice for high precision chemical metering. The physical design of the pump offers ‘quick-change” mounting, and easily allows two or more pumps to be driven by a common motor and drive.


Technical Specifications

# Streams: 1
Max Temperature: 90C/200F
Max Pressure: 800 psi
Max Viscosity: 15000 cP
Capacity (per stream): 0.3-20.2 ml/rev
Speed: 10-80 rpm
Flow Rate (per stream): 0.8-16,000 ml/min
Applications: Silicones,Lotions,Pigments,Creams,Honey,Polyurethanes,Epoxies,Jelly

Drive Options

The pump arbor are available in following types:

  • extended drive shaft
  • driving arbor

Gear metering pump with drive unit

  • Base plate
    • with connection block
  • Coupling
    • curved tooth coupling
    • cardan shaft
    • all-steel coupling
    • magnetic coupling
  • Motor
    • asynchronous gear motor
    • servomotor / servo gear motor
    • synchronous gear motor

The drive units are designed according to the operating conditions.


Sealing systems for the gear pumps

  • gland packing (optionally with barrier liquid)
  • radial shaft seal ring (optionally with barrier liquid)
  • labyrinth sealing
  • mechanical seal in all variants (optionally with barrier liquid)
  • magnetic coupling

Atex Directive II2Gc

A version according to ATEX directive is available for the pump, as well as for the drive.

Tempering of gear pumps

Electrical heating, liquid heating and cooling are available.

Further features

The dosing pumps can be supplied with additional equipment according to requirements :

  • Speed control by inverter / servo controller
  • Pressure monitoring or control
  • Temperature monitoring or control
  • Flow monitoring or control
  • evaluation options
  • Stand-alone dosing station or dosing module prepared for integration in machine environment
  • Communication to other machines or control systems


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