Mixers & Valves

Mahr’s meter mix dispensing equipment can integrate any number of mix valves, mix heads, and motionless (or “static”) mixers from a complete line of valves and mixers.  These static mixers, designed for mixing reactive adhesives and sealants, can be used in any application in which accurate and precise mixing are key to the process.

Because maintaining mixers and valves that handle reactive resins or other multi-component blends can be a time-consuming and expensive task the disposable mixers and modular metal valves in a Mahr unit can be easily disassembled and thoroughly cleaned.

Mahr’s meter mix dispensing equipment can also integrate a durable and reliable pneumatic autovalve. The seals can be adjusted without disassembly of the valve body, and shut-off pistons ensure good control of dot or shot volume. After each shot, the dual pistons retract and “snuff back” material from the end of the element mixing nozzle.  These valves can be used either as a stationary head or hand-held unit, and can include both hard-coated and lubricated pistons.

Advantages of Integrating Dispensing Valves

Eliminate Flusing

Minimize Waste

Quick Clean Up

Increased productivity

Dispensing valves on Mahr meter mix equipment provide easy to use ON-OFF functions. Metering in the proper ratio of A and B or more components is controlled by the metering pumps. The correct manifold is selected to assist this metering process. The selection of the manifold for each application depends on the flow rate, viscosity, and volume ratio.

Dispensing valves also will be selected for your equipment based on your exact process needs.  Available valves offer different advantages depending on the application.

Dispensing valves can come built with Teflon® seals that reduce maintenance in the shut-off area, with a retraction of the shafts that allows for higher flow rates of A & B components.

Recirculating valves

Recirculating valves allow continuous flow of material at the valve end. Typical uses are for heated materials or materials with fillers that need to remain suspended. Gear pump applications can also benefit from the recirculating valve, as pumps can be kept running while material flow is shut off at the mixer.

Recirculation occuring at the valve instead of the pump eliminates pressure buildup in the lines, preventing off-ratio dispensing. The valve also incorporates a snuff-back feature that minimizes or eliminates the possibility of material dripping or stringing when the valve shuts off.


  • Dispense two-component adhesives and sealants, as well as low- to high-viscosity urethanes, epoxies and silicones.  The adjustable snuff-back prevents dripping, and the valve can be mounted for beads or timed shots; an optional handle is available for handheld applications.
  • Provide an easy to use ON-OFF function. The metering of the adhesives in the proper ratio of A:B is controlled by the metering pumps.
  • Flow rates can be up to 2-3 gallons/minute, depending on pump integrated into the equipment and the material viscosity.
  • Ensure that materials remain separate until they enter the mixer.
  • Available in aluminum or stainless steel configurations for manual, robotic, or stationary operation.
  • For two-component urethanes, Mahr dispensing equipment can integrate innovative dispensing valves that eliminates exposure of wetted shafts to air, thus preventing locking up the dispense valve.
  • A thicker tie plate increases the distance between the lip seals to be more than the stroke length, resulting in extended seal life and less down time, while a divorced air cylinder keeps isocyanate from reaching the air cylinder should the seals fail.
  • All dispensing valves are easy to clean: If cross contamination occurs, the manifold can be removed and cleaned without disassembly of the valve body.
  • For corrosive acrylics or epoxies, Mahr offers an optional stainless steel valve.
  • For cleaning the mixing nozzle with air or solvent, we offer a flush valve manifold with a check valve threaded into the side of the manifold.
  • For moisture-sensitive or abrasive adhesives valves come with lubricated and hard-coated pistons.
  • For varying chemical formulations and abrasive conditions with special seals may be selected based on the application.
  • Night Cap Ratio Check Cap manifolds, pistol grip handles, and swivel base can be integrated into an almost infinite array of applicator designs.


Static mixers ensure optimum performance of adhesives and other two-component materials by dividing and recombining the materials into a homogeneous stream as it passes through a series of elements positioned at alternating angles.

We also have the capability to produce custom mixers for specific materials and applications. Many times we are able to incorporate standard components into these custom mixers, which significantly reduces the price per unit.

We offer a wide range of reusable metal mixers with either metal or plastic elements. Metal mixers typically feature pipe threads on both ends to simplify connection to material lines.

Disposable static mixers are ideal for single-use fluid dispensing applications. Mixing elements are molded from acetal, or polypropylene, while disposable mixer housings are molded from either polypropylene or nylon.

Spiral Mixers use a simple and time-proven geometry to provide complete and thorough materials mixing for a wide variety of two component materials. The elements in these mixers are 180º helical twists alternating in either right- or left-hand rotation.

Square Turbo Mixers feature a patented design that consists of alternating left- and right-hand elements with intermittent flow inverters that channel fluids from the walls of the mixer to the center of the plastic mixer and from center to walls for thorough, complete blending.

Shorter than comparable spiral mixers, turbo mixers allow operators to get closer to the workpiece and reduce product waste.

Mahr chooses from a wide range of reusable metal mixers manufactured as either reusable metal mixers or disposable plastic elements. Metal in-line mixers typically feature pipe threads on both ends to simplify connection to material lines.

Mixer accessories for different industrial mixing applications are paired with disposable static mixers to create a custom applicator that can be interchanged for different application results from the same machine.

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