Mahr Metering Pump Service Equipment

Did you know that Mahr Metering Systems USA has the only full-service gear pump repair facility in the country? Mahr has been manufacturing dimension measuring instruments and precision gear pumps for over 75 years. Our knowledge gained through extensive experience coupled with our dedication to exact measurement and metering give us the edge on refurbishing and repairing your existing gear pump.  

Complete or partial pump rebuild service is available. Repairs are available on any type of pump, regardless of manufacturer or supplier.

All metering pumps received for repair in the Mahr Service Facility are subjected to a rigorous inspection. After inspection, Mahr utilizes several stages of cleaning for removing melted polymer and carbonized residue in an environmentally friendly matter. All carbon deposits are removed without damaging critical dimensions or tolerances.  

Once the parts are clean and free of any foreign debris, measurement begins. Each critical dimension is measured. These measurements are taken utilizing Mahr’s own state-of-the-art gear measuring machine and jet air gauges. 

Once the pump is reassembled, it is tested for accuracy of flow under different outlet pressures. The testing method is based on a similar principle to that of actual operating conditions. The high-precision metering pumps are fed testing oil under predetermined conditions. The accuracy is determined by the predetermined flow for a set number of revolutions. If the pump does not perform as expected the entire process is repeated until satisfactory results are achieved.  

Mahr takes additional measures to ensure your pump is fully operational upon start-up. Upon final testing, the pump is re-torqued and packaged for return to the customer.

Mahr Metering Systems USA recognizes every customer as its worldwide partner. Call (704) 525-7128 and ask about our full-service repair facility and field services today.