Mahr Metering Provides Customized Precision Gear Metering Pumps for All Mixing Applications

Increase production and reduce wasted materials by automating your process and delivering the perfect mix, on ratio, inline, and on-demand.  

We get it! Sometimes the hand batch mixing process makes sense. Some ingredients are easier handled manually and can be added to a base material without a chemical reaction.  But what about those ingredients that are too sensitive to pre-mix? Cure time is quick and you need to move fast or your product is wasted. Relying on operators to understand the cost of material and the importance of accuracy can leave you with potentially thousands of dollars down the drain (sometimes literally).

Mahr Metering Systems has been solving these issues for our customers for over 25 years. You could say it is the reason we got in the meter-mix game. Our systems are proven to greatly minimize operator error and eliminate wasted material.  

Our extensive knowledge in metering and mixing materials has put our machines on the map for being the most reliable, accurate and easy to operate meter mix dispense systems in North America. Utilizing our wide range of precision gear metering pumps, dry handling solutions, and static, static/dynamic, and full dynamic mixheads, the Mahr Metering System will deliver your mix accurately, on ratio, online and on-demand directly to your end process.  

From single to plural component recipes, Mahr will build a customized solution built exactly for your process and your rates.  

Call on Mahr Metering Systems USA, the meter-mix specialists today. Find out how we can help you to eliminate wasted materials, minimize operator error, and increase your bottom line by automating your process and delivering the perfect mix, on ratio, online, and on-demand. Our experienced technical team is eager to offer you the most accurate and dependable equipment for all of your plant processes.

To learn more about what Mahr Metering Systems can do for you, contact us today by calling 704-525-7128, or fill out this form.