Polyurethane Manufacturers Association

Mahr Metering Systems is known internationally for extreme accuracy and lasting durability for gear pumps and meter mix dispense machines. Our flexible machine concept covers multiple industries and applications and allows for custom-made machine concepts to enable customers to find the best solutions for stringent requirements.

Our meter mix dispense solutions enable fully automated delivery, online data logging, and reduced waste as well as liquid and liquid/powder dispensing, single component metering, and on-demand dispensing.

Recently, Mahr Metering Systems recently joined the Polyurethane Manufacturers Association (PMA), the only association dedicated to the advancement of the cast polyurethane industry. This association connects members, manufacturers, processors, suppliers, and consumers to the best resources and companies. 

As the premier meter mix dispense company that creates custom solutions for a diverse range of industries, we’re proud to join the Polyurethane Manufacturers Association who’s committed to the success of the cast urethane industry and it’s their members.

We believe that the relationships we will gain and foster will allow us to continue to engineer the latest technology and to uphold the highest industry standards.

To learn more about the custom meter mix dispense systems we can create for your specific needs, contact us today by calling 704-525-7128, or fill out this form.