Mahr Metering Systems Custom Solids Metering Dispense System

Mahr Metering Systems is best known for providing the latest technology in the precise metering and blending of various liquids. However, did you know that Mahr Metering Systems also manufactures equipment for solids metering such as powders, pellets, and granules?

Mahr Metering Systems often receives applications that require blending solids and liquids for meter mixing. Instead of outsourcing the solid feeding equipment to incorporate with our state of the art meter mix systems, we made the decision to manufacture in house.

Mahr now has a full-service fabrication department dedicated to machining custom feeder discs, hoppers, vessels, and various other custom pieces with the same high measurement standards we have been known for globally for over 150 years. Ultimately, this provides lower equipment costs to our customers as well as a single supplier source for maintenance and onsite servicing.

Whether your recipe calls for several liquid ingredients, several solid ingredients, or a mixture of both, Mahr Metering Systems can provide you with fully automated, turnkey equipment that is dependable and robust with extreme accuracy.

Below are a few examples of our solids metering products.

Get a Custom Meter Mix Dispense System From Mahr

When it comes to providing the best solutions for our customers, Mahr Metering Systems is proud to welcome any challenge to help you get the job done keeping in mind reduced costs, decreased material waste, verification, and quicker results. It’s what we do! And we love doing it!

To learn more about the custom meter mix dispense systems we can create for your specific needs, contact us today by calling 704-525-7128, or fill out this form.