MarDrum HV – High Viscosity Drum Pump System

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Platen based drum or pail pumping

  • Viscosities 50,000-2,500,000 cP
  • Pressure to 5,000 psi
  • Flow 4.5 mL—16 L/min

Ex: Silicone rubbers, resins, peanut butter, putty, caulks, lotions & creams, oral quick dissolve strips



The HV series drum pump is designed for thick viscosity, hard-to-pump products. The pump mounting is based on a platen design and follows the product from the top to the bottom of the drum as it empties.
Pneumatics are utilized for both adding pressure to “ram” the product helping to feed the pump and to lift the platen out of the empty barrel. Complete mounting of the pneumatics and pumping system are supplied.

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