MarMax plural component Meter Mix Dispense Systems

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A Maintenance Engineers dream come true! The MarMax is fully automated, self monitoring and self correcting dispensing on demand directly to your production line. Highly accurate within +/-1% mix ratio.



Designed to easily integrate and communicate with existing production equipment though a user friendly touch screen. The MarMax unit sends and receives control signals to start, stop and vary metering speeds according to process specifications ensuring precision dispensing with 100% accuracy and repeatability. Automated flow rates and metered mix ratios are quickly and easily changed by the operator via the touch screen. On Demand directly to your production line trough, puddle or rollers. Our MarMax mix and dispense equipment is compatible with any single or plural component solvent, solventless or hot melt adhesives.

Technical Data

  • for 1 up to 6 components
  • mixing ratio 100:100 up to  100:1
  • flow rate approx. 50 up to 4000 cc/min, depending on mixing ratio and viscosity
  • viscosity up to 85.000 mPas, further on request
  • admissible operating temperature 80°C
  • production process automatic or manually
  • gear metering pumps
  • level control of vessels and baths
  • temperature control from supply tank to dosing head
  • recirculation, purge and sleep mode
  • mobile and steady state machines
  • data exchange with host computer
  • remote diagnosis and maintenance
  • service hotline


  • magnetic coupling
  • flow control optionally bades on the coriolis or on the gear based working principle
  • different kind of heating
  • remote maintenance per modem, ISDN, ethernet
  • vessels with screw lid or flap lid
  • agitator
  • automatic refilling
  • degassing
  • vacuum
  • impact of vessel content with inert gas
  • etc.

Technical Specifications

Flow rate: 10-20,000 gm/min
Viscosity: 15,000-1,000,000cps
Temperature: 50°F-500°F
Pressure: 10-4,000psi


  • Ambient or heated
  • Solvent-based or solventless
  • Precision mixing
  • On-demand dispensing
  • Multi-recipe
  • Class 1 Division II hazard rated
  • High precision flow meters monitor flow for high accuracy
  • Compatible with any single or plural component solvent, solvent-less or hot melt system.
  • The complete system can be mounted on a stand-alone mobile carbon steel powder coated skid to be seamlessly integrated into your existing machinery.