MarDrum LV – Low Viscosity Chemical Drum Pump

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The LV series is designed for products which will flow freely as the unit is submerged into the product. This design is capable of metering viscosities up to about 50,000 cp. If your product will flow freely down the side of its storage source, the LV design will be suitable for your  application.

Ex: Concentrated pigments & paints, honey & syrups, glues



MarDrum LV metering drum pumps utilize a gear metering pump which is force-fed by a patented- design impeller, providing metering accuracy of ±1%. The impeller eliminates the possibility of cavitation in the metering pump. Mahr drum pumps also prevent contamination of product by air, gas, and moisture. With a Mahr drum pump, no feeder pump is necessary, eliminating costly additional equipment. MarFlow™ drum metering pumps are highly accurate with or without additional Controls.

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