Gear Pumps

Every Mahr Metering Systems gear metering pump is designed for all types of demanding applications. The highest quality high-speed tool and stainless steels are utilized to control thermal expansion for high-heat applications. Special coatings can be applied for highly corrosive and/or abrasive applications as well. As of today, the longest running Mahr Metering Pumps, with minimal maintenance, have been operating continuously since the early 1970’s in the USA. 

To save time and money, Mahr designs and builds individual platens to pump directly from your supplier’s viscous material barrel or tote. An in-line Mahr metering pump measures product precisely as it is forced upwards into the mixing and dispensing equipment, ensuring that product ratios are accurate from the beginning of the process, and without pulsing. A team of production engineers from Mahr will be on-site for start-up to ensure that your custom equipment is installed and works perfectly from the very first run.

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