Mahr 2 Part Meter Mix Dispense MiniMax Lab Scale

Mahr recently delivered this lab scale meter mix dispense system to Drexel University in Philadelphia, PA.  

When Assistant Professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering at Drexel University visited our booth at the 2019 SAMPE exhibition, our compact MMD system immediately piqued his interest. This tabletop unit takes up very minimal space and has all the features and key components our standard production systems do.  

The unit measures 2’W x 4’L x3’H. With our precision gear pumps, flow meters, close loop PLC communication, and touch screen control this was the perfect unit to use in his laboratory for research and instruction. The Mahr 2 Part MiniMax Lab Scale (MM2P) allows the opportunity to test various two-component recipes with extreme accuracy.  

This system proved to be the perfect solution for allowing students at Drexel University hands-on experience with applied chemistry in fluid dynamics, polymer and surfactant research.

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