Mahr USA 2 Part Meter Mix Plus Heat and Color Injection System for Polyurethane Pultrusion Feature

When Polyurethanes are used for Pultrusion, a meter mix system is required for feeding material into the injection box. Mahr Metering Systems recently provided this three-component robust meter mix dispense system for this exact process. Because our customer needed the flexibility of varying the materials and ratios, along with incorporating various pigments, the standard “off the shelf” meter mix machine brands simply would not do! 

For this particular project, the MM2P (Mahr 2-Part Meter Mix Dispense System) needed to have the ability to maintain heating of 80F throughout for certain recipes. The enclosed system is crucial to maintaining the heat as well as shielding exposure to moisture and air. When changing colors, Mahr’s exclusive patented design allows you to simply swap from one pump to the next very easily using a single motor assembly. The modular pigment cart (shown in green) is designed to meter product directly from your 5-gallon pail into our 3-part recirculating (at the head) static/dynamic mix head. Additionally, Mahr Metering Systems’ direct injection system significantly reduces emission issues surrounding VOCs, including employee exposure when feeding a closed bath process.

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