• Grid Melter

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    Capable of melting and dispensing at higher temperatures than the common stainless steel melts in today’s market.
  • Precisely meters and mixes powders with  single or multi-stream liquids, dispensing at the point of use.
  • A Maintenance Engineers dream come true! The MarMax is fully automated, self monitoring and self correcting dispensing on demand directly to your production line. Highly accurate within +/-1% mix ratio.
  • Mahr Metering Systems two part meter mix system is a closed loop continuous 2-stream mixing machine. The unit is designed to continuously mix two liquids of varying characteristics, viscosities and densities.

    High metering accuracy and consistency improves end product quality and saves money by using less product and reducing scrap. The MM2P is specially designed for direct use on lab and pilot sized systems. All products are metered and continuously flow monitored in the recirculation mode to be ready for shot or continuous dispensing on demand. The switching of the recirculation valves from recirculation to dispensing allows for the immediate delivery to the downstream process.

  • Continuous and batch metering of pellets powders granules and any bulk material.
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