100 Series Feeder

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Our 100 series feeders are our most popular feeder which offers the most versatility of all our feeders. The design offers a 100mm (4”) in diameter feeding disc. The base feeder design is sized to feed low rate feeding applications .01 to 200lb/hr (0.005 to 90kg/hr). All rates can vary based upon the density, flow-ability, and size of material.


The 100 series small size allows easy mounting to almost any processes. Like our 50 series it holds unlimited possibilities! No auger or vibratory feeders can match the 100’s capabilities, in terms of size, feeding capability and repeatability.
All of Mahr’s Disc series feeders are designed to handle bulk materials ranging from powder to pellets. This rate can vary based upon the density, flowability, and size of material.


  • Standard disc sizes include 48, 24, & 12 holes per revolution. Special disc sizes are designed based upon your feeding needs.
  • Mahr offers our engineering expertise to help handle your unique application needs
  • Mahr designs our disc feeder to be quick exchange capable, and easy clean capable.
  • We use our stepper motor technology to ensure precise measurement by volume. This is all tied into our O50 touch screen controller.
  • Incorporating our 3D printing technology, we can design and produce a 3D model of this unit based upon the design requirements.


  • 110/220 Vac single phase 50/60 hz
  • Stepper Motor Drive
  • Volumetric/Gravimetric Capable (Batch/Continuous)
  • Quick Exchange Housing
  • Dose Power to Pellet Materials
  • Multiple Mounting Capabilities
  • Separate Mounted Controls

Controls O50

  • Separate Mounted Controls
  • HMI Color Touchscreen
  • PLC Control with I/O for Stepper, DC, or AC Motors


  • External Alarm Audible & Light
  • Spare Station for Easy Changeover
  • Optional Agitatio for Special Materials
  • Continuous running software
  • Extension Cable
  • SS Hopper
  • Small loader adapter
  • Multi-component capability up to 4 units (Additional units upon request)



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