Mahr Material Hopper – MMH

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Mahr Material hoppers, ensures the free flowing of material from a loader or central receiver. Materials range from pellets, powders, granulate, and flake. For non-flowing materials Mahr can introduce agitation techniques to improve material flow.



  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Material seals with quick release clamps
  • Manual slide valve on bottom of hopper
  • Easy cleaning
  • High temperature operation
  • Dust tight
  • Standard hopper sizes OMH1 (1cuft), OMH0.8 (0.8 cuft), OMH 0.2 (0.2cuft)


  • Automatic valve
  • Magnet inserts
  • View ports
  • Additional sizes upon request
  • Incorporate Orbetron Disc feeders for material additives
  • Incorporate Orbetron OPL loaders and 3rd party loaders


  • Removable Cones
  • Supports Blender or Loader
  • Fast, easy material changes
  • Optional grate magnet
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