Mahr Discharge Unit Mixing and Refill MDU

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Mahr’s MDU ensures the immediate flow of material from the material storage hopper into a continuous or batching process. The MDU promotes the flow of regrind, wood flour, and other non-free flowing material without noise, vibration, or the creation of dust. Material is pre-conditioned exiting the MDU, enabling improved performance for refilling or mixing material.




  • Hemispherical hopper with horizontal agitator
  • SS material contact surfaces
  • Material seals Teflon and silicone
  • Multi-voltage 3 ph AC motor


  • Compact design
  • Easy Cleaning
  • High temp operation
  • Easy integration with valves
  • Dust tight


  • Additional Hoppers
  • MDU 253 7.5 & 15 L hoppers
  • MDU 400 25 & 50 L hoppers
  • Technical Data
  • CDU 253 – Motor Size 0.18kw, 230Vac/3p/50-60hz, agitator speed 49 RPM, hopper volume 6.5 L
  • CDU 400 – Motor Size 0.25kw, 230Vac3p/50-60hz, agitator speed 49 RPM, hopper volume 24 L


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